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Becoming a Partner of World Beach Resorts

The aim of  World Beach Resorts is to create the most comprehensive guide for the lover of beach fun world wide.
We therefore would like to invite the following establishments to contact us at to add an URL for FREE :

beach resorts and beach hotels
golf courses
sports clubs
scuba diving centers
car rental and travel agencies

What else does World Beach Resort offer?

For each establishment we will create a web site featuring the following:

A main page introducing the establishment including the company logo and three photos.
In case your establishment has its own website, a direct link will be made to this site, so visitors will be able to contact directly. What is more : an extra link to your site will give an extra boost in your ranking on the search-enigines.
An informative page where the facilities of the establishment are detailed. On this page four pictures can be included.
A reservation or information page which includes a program that enables the potential client to directly - through e-mail - contact the establishment. In no way or matter will World Beach Resorts be involved in the interaction between client and establishment. Nor will World Beach Resorts in any way or matter claim commissions or other any revenues resulting from the interaction between clients and the establishment.

What are the costs involved?
The yearly costs are US $ 73.00 (or US $ 0.20 per day, which may be the lowest investment in world wide promotion you have made so far).
World Beach Resorts requires the necessary information and photographic material in order to create the web site.
After the web site is created and published the establishment will be informed via e-mail. From that moment there will be a two week's trial period in which the establishment can make changes in text or contents.
When this so-called trial period of two weeks is finished the establishment will be prompted by e-mail to transfer the total fee of US $ 73.00 into the bank account of World Beach Resorts.


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